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Tulsi Walnuts These Tulsi California walnuts are packed with proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are of hand-picked quality. Tulsi CaliforniaWalnuts revered as the symbol of intellectuality not only with it's resemblance with brain but also for its Nutritional & Mineral Values. Also known for it's immenese health benefits in various diseases. Hand Picked quality Vacuum Pack for extra freshness Reduces risk of Diabetes Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids - Lowers bad Cholesterol Packed in ISO 22000 certified plant Tulsi Premium Kishmish Tulsi Premium Raisins are excellent source of natural antioxidants, They accelerate the functions of the liver and the kidney. Furthermore, they eliminate damaging free radicals from our body and detoxify it completely. All these are helpful for getting clean and clear skin. And Snacking on these Premium cashews will not only keep your heart healthy but also help in the formation of new blood cells, protecting your eyes against cataracts and preventing diabetes

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